About me

Hello World,

my name is Thomas Cosic. Born and raised the most of my life in Munich, Germany (4 years from the age of 5-9 in Sydney, Australia). The origin of my surname comes from Bosnien and Herzegovina where my parents have been born and raised.

I have started this website to share my passion, my mission, to serve you and contribute to the world.

5 years ago a question came up deeply from the bottom of my heart and my body : “Who am I?”

That question came up after experiencing a tough break-up with my girlfriend. I was lost in a hole of pain and depression. Questioning everything I was taught to be true. Challenging every belief I had manifested in me. Challenging my character. Identifying myself with somebody I felt deeply in my heart I wasn’t.

At that time I was overweight, having no discipline, not the ability to set boundaries and say NO! to the outer world, no courage, no passion, dabbling around with no commitment to mastery, searching for excuses, complaining, whining, blaming others for the position I was in, not able to be responsible for my decisions, being the nice guy everyone has teached me to be, had habits that were destructive to my health, my well-being and to others, lazy, not a person you wanted to have around yourself…

Tomo Fat.JPG

But at the same time I felt deeply that I was on this earth to fullfill something special. I had the energy and a drive deep inside of my body that was telling me there is a reason you are here.

With this pain and aggression at the same time I started my journey to find the answer to the question: “Who am I?”

I started by watching motivational videos of Eric Thomas, Les Brown, Greg Plitt, CT Fletcher, and so on. Listening and feeling every word they were saying resonating with my pain and my drive to seek the answer to “Who I am”.

At that time I was overweight and I decided, commited myself and took immediatly massive action to lose weight and not ever be overweight again. Started this journey of Health and Fitness with going outside running. Barely making 200m without stopping because of getting an asthma attack. Coming back home from running reamed between my thighs because they were rubbing against each other. Going into a fitness club which was located in a kickboxing school. Reading, learning, studying and applying methods to lose weight and gain muscle.

At the same time a lot of things were also changing in my personal life. I burned all my boats. I was doing a job I didn’t like. I was going to school and feeling that it wasn’t the right place for me to be in. I quit my job and I quit school.

My parents wanted to kick me out of the house because I started being a bad child! Resisting, stopped being a slave and stepped up as a Man.

Feeling alone and empty with no answers, but filled with pain and with self confidence that I was on the right path.

Not knowing the answers but feeling guided slowly I was making really hard decisions that shaped my life as it is today.

As I started to change everyone around me noticed it.

My friends, my girlfriend and that time and my family. No one of them were happy with who I was becoming. My friends were making fun of me because I was drinking green tea and they were drinking beers. My family thought I was crazy for giving up school and a job that would secure my future.

Nothing could stop me at this point of my life!

Soon I understood through the YouTube videos I was watching how important it was to have a mentor, elder or coach that gives you encouragement, insights and guides you through that process.

Having almost no money but my savings I bought all the books that I could get on personal development, finding your passion, becoming the person you are designed to become.

Reading, studying every book, from Robert Moore, George Leonard, Tony Robbins to David Deida. Watching YouTube videos of Elliott Hulse, Eric Thomas, Tony Robbins, Owen Cook and Les Brown since I could not afford any seminars or personal coaching.

Since I gave up on my old job I recognized very soon that I could not keep going like this. I was broke and earning no money. Getting very little to no support from my parents. I started to work part-time at a market for food to earn some money.

Took on the job to just have money to feel safe again knowing it was not going to fulfill me. Not enjoying going to work and pushed myself to go there instead of having a feeling to be pulled to go there.

A coincidence changed my life

Going to the nearest gym at that time which was also the cheapest one I could afford myself  to sign up for a membership since traveling to the boxing gym (where I worked out at that time) was very time consuming.

Walking towards the door I saw a paper hanging which was filled with: “We are searching for someone to work at the front desk at our gym” seeing this opportunity full with fear, anxiety and excitement I ran over to the market for food where I was working and I quitted my job there. Stuttering saying the words “I QUIT!”.

Running home typing an application for the job. Writing from the deepest part of my soul how bad I wanted that job. Weighing at that time 135kg I knew viewed from the outside everybody would have thought why the hell are you applying for that job look at yourself you are a chubby fat boy.

Against all odds and full of courage going to the gym handing out my application. Later that same day I was called to work for a day and after that I was the chosen one to get that job.

The first time in my life I felt empowered doing something great. Helping other people with their fitness journey. Still I was searching for something. Searching for a test or a ritual that I have to pass to fully transcend not physically but mentally, emotionally and spiritually. In the gym was a man working out harder than everybody giving everything he had, laying on the floor out of breath. Clearly feeling uncomfortable and giving everything he I got. I was inspired knowing this is the ritual I needed to pass.

I took my feet into my hand and asked him if I could train with him. He said yes. Next day he coached me through a workout. Even before arriving at the gym I was scared and nervous. Facing the unknown. One thing was clear that I will give everything I have and not give up! He guided me through a 5 Round circuit consisting of Thrusters, Box Step ups and Knee raises. By the end of round 2 I felt like I am going to die.

I pushed through not breaking anything up. Afterwards laying on the floor feeling like I was going to die knowing at the same time I was reborn. I was reborn and transformed myself into a new stronger version of myself.

He told me that we were doing “CrossFit”. Then my passion was lit up. Reading, studying every video and article of information with the topic. Becoming obsessed with it. Watching videos of people doing crazy things. Thinking of myself how amazing it would be to be able to do all those things I saw on YouTube and inspire other people with it to make a change in their life as it did in mine.

A new drive was born. A new chapter started for me. A new decision was made:

“become a fulltime CrossFit Coach at a CrossFit Box helping people get into the best shapes of their lives and overcome anything limiting them from becoming who they are called to be.”

In the same time I hit my second biggest low after my breakup with my girlfriend. I got injured. My posture was damaged thorugh the time of being overweight and lazy. After going through depression of not being able to train for 3 months (which became my whole life’s purpose to train and help others reach their goals) I started to search and study about muscular imbalances and posture alignment.

With the help of coaches like Kelly Starrett and Elliott Hulse I was able to correct my imbalances causing the pain and get back to training.

After 3 months of not doing anything I then decided to join a CrossFit Box called CrossFit Munich. After doing the introduction workout I felt angry and disappointed with my performance since it was not the same as it was before. Through fear and ignorance knowing what to do I did not participate in the classes I went into the open gym and became a lonely warrior.

I was making changes: recovering even more from my lower back issues and getting stronger.

Still I was not getting closer to my goal of becoming a full time CrossFit coach. I took the next step after being inspired by George Leonard. Asked for an internship. Got it. No task was not worth of doing it. Everything was an opportunity to learn and to grow. Commiting to pursuing excellence.

After almost 3 months. I reached a new turning point.

I was offered my dream job. I was offered an apprenticeship at my CrossFit box becoming a full time coach and trainer.

Tomo Lifting.JPG

Not able to realize what just happened. Took the offer with saying at least a dozen times yes.

Arriving home slowly the feeling of being proud, reliefed, excited and full of joy settled in at the same time. I let everything go and just started crying. Releasing all the pain, anger, failures, feeling alone and sad. Opening a new chapter of gratitude, grace, love, appreciation and power.

Now I am working 1,5 years fullfilling my passion helping people get into the best shape of their life. Sharing my knowledge and competence one on one and in a group setting, coaching and guiding them through workouts, transformations and challenges.

With this website I intend to share my experiences earned through taking action, applying my knowledge and experiences. Giving away my wisdom and experiences for people who are seeking change.

Sharing how I went from my deepest depression in life to creating and living the life I wanted to live

We can only teach and share what we have experienced.

With my blog posts I am going to share my experiences earned.

With them I am serving you and contributing to the world

My purpose is that I am committed to mastery and with that gained knowledge and experiences serving people who are looking for a real change in their lives.

Mastery of myself in different areas of life including:

  • Health and Fitness
  • Relationship
  • Finances
  • Career/Purpose
  • Emotion/Spirtuality

Some of them are more developed than others. Health and Fitness, Career/Purpose and Emotion/Spirtuality are more developed than Relationship and Finances.

With this new chapter of my life I am going to give you my openness into moments of highs and lows. Into moments of success, vulnerability, trials, errors, gratitude and accomplishment.

With only one mission in my mind to serve and make an impact and difference in your life as it has been made in mine

I am looking forward to the journey we are going to embark and how this will grow into a community of like minded people commiting to mastery.


Big Love.