04.10.17 Mittwoch

2018 Cycle 1 Week 6 Day 3

Miss the Cycle 1 Podcast? Check it out HERE


Luc für dich: Warm-up, Bitch Work, Gymnastics Accesory und Strength Acessory

1. Warm-up
Floss Shoulders
3 Steady Rounds:
8 Handstand Push ups
10 Horizontal Ring Rows

2. Strength
Back Squat
4×4 @70%
HERE for some tips on bracing in your squat.
Control the weight on the way down and make sure you are in strong positions throughout the range of motion. You can use some bounce out of the bottom, but you shouldn’t need to rely on it for each rep. On the way back up, focus on that aggressive drive through the floor.

3. Bitch Work
EMOM for 25 Minutes
Bike 10/7 Calories
all out jede runde und die restliche zeit mit ins bike locker treten.

After completing pieces 1-3, Please choose TWO of the following based on perceived weaknesses.


5. Gymnastics Accessory (luc + Beate)
Bar Muscle Ups / Chest to bar für dich Beate

Rest as needed.

6. Strength Accessory (Luc + Beate)
Single Arm Dumbbell Push Press
3×12 on each Arm
Build weight through all three sets

Rest as needed.
So schwer wie es geht fokus auf rumpfspanung.


One thought on “04.10.17 Mittwoch

  1. 2) STRENGTH
    Back Squat
    – 4×4 @70% = 70 kg
    – DONE mit 70 / 70 / 70 / 70 kg


    EMOM für 25 Minutes
    – Bike 10 cal

    – TIME: 25 Min.
    – DISTANCE: 13,8 km
    – CALORIES: 308
    – WATTS TOTAL: 790
    – WATTS AVERAGE: 276
    – Jede 10 cal zwischen 680 und 550 Watt
    – je höher das Intervall, um so länger für 10 cal. (ersten Intervalle schneller, schlechteste Zeit = 28 sec.)

    Chest to bar, 8×2-4
    – keinen Chest to bar geschafft, habe es als Übung genutzt

    6) Single Arm Dumbbell Push Press
    – 3×12 on each Arm
    – Done mit 16 kg (easy), 20 kg (machbar), 24 kg (nur 8 Reps geschafft)


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