This is a question that I get asked quite often. My environment is not supporting me in what I try to achieve. How do I get the right people next to me?


The topic today is a continuation from yesterdays blog post on how to achieve your goals and not care what others think.Please read this blog post first and than read this one. This one is very powerful on its own when applied but in combination they are even stronger.


I struggled with this topic in the past. I always asked myself how do I attract in life what I want.


I deeply believe in one sentence:


“We already possess everything in ourselves to get and become what we truly want”


Every single one of us knows how to get the right people around them. I knew it in the past but I was not attacking it the right way.


Ultimately who we decide to surround ourselves with and with whom to connect shapes our experience of life and of the world.





The first part is connection. For me connection means the conscious decision to connect with somebody.

We need to understand this because when we choose to connect with one person or an environment we immediatly close the door for all other connections possible for us.

Read that sentence again and again and again until you understand it. If you don’t understand it text me and I will explain it to you.


This shapes our experience of life. If we choose to connect with people or an environment who is poor and doesn’t know how to handle money our experience will become the same. If we choose to connect with millionaires and people who are successful this becomes our experience.


For the athletes reading this. Ask yourself how would you train when you had the best 5 men or best 5 women in your sport training next to you?


From Novemer 2015 until end of March 2016. I consciously decided to connect with the best athlete in my crossfit box. He was miles ahead of me. Top 10 in Germany. He pushed himself very hard. Always gave full effort to everything he was doing. Not making up excuses. Doing it even if he didn’t feel well. I lost 42kg during this time. We trained almost everyday together. He pushed me. I helped him out. I consciously chose to connect with him because the experiences would be the one that I wanted to have. I made that decision to connect with him because I knew who I would become. I went from being really overweight into the fittest shape of my life. Accomplishing tasks where other people needed much more time. A big part of that success was because of my training partner and the environement we created. This is my thank you to you Domi.


Surround yourself with somebody who is 10x further ahead of you.




With who you choose to connect or in which environement you consciously choose to enter will ultimately dictate your experience. It has been proven.




Here are my 3 simple steps to attract the environment you want


  • Step 1: Know thyself


First you need to know yourself. We know everybody else so good that we forget who we are. Ask yourself this question: Is that environement that I desire to have around me really my desire or is it an image that was planted in me? When I was 13 I thought having money and being rich would solve all my problems. Who doesn’t think that with 13 years old. If I would have still thought that and attracted that into my life I would maybe be rich but I would be unfulfilled as hell. I would be unhappy.

Ask yourself: Is the environement I desire to have around me really what I truly want or is it just a seed planted into me?



  • Step 2: Imagine that there is no ice to break.


Most people think in order to build a relationship we first need to break the ice. I thought it too. Especially when talking to women. But what I realized quickly was that everyone who I have met was able to tell me their whole life story. They always told me that they did not tell it anyone else but they told it to me and couldn’t understand why they did that. To a stranger they barely knew. I asked myself how was this possible. I felt the answer. When I talk to people or get to know new people I always imagine that they are already a part of me. That there is no ice to break.

Apply this immediatly into your life and please share with me what results you have gotten from it. You will be suprised.


  • Step 3: Give and it will be given to you


You have maybe heard this quote before. It is from the bible. It is mentioned in so many texts. People will always help other people more then they will themselves. In order to attract that environment you need to first give to that environement. We all know in what kind of environement we want to be in. It is a totally different story in approaching that environment. This step requires action. Take action, search where you can find such an environment. Get yourself involved in it and give everything you have and see what happens. You will get what you desire I promise you that.



This is the process I always use to attract the environment or information I need to take a step forward to my goal.




A lot of you will be reading this and I hope everybody will get an insight. I do not want to motivate I want to change lives. Apply the 3 simple steps. Even if one person follows it I accomplished my goal. Do it. You will be suprised. Tell me your story afterwards.



If you are facing a problem and do not know how to solve it? I would be grateful to answer your question and help you out.

Send it to me via e-mail or my Facebook page.



Big Love


Thomas Cosic









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