Good morning kings and queens,


I am looking forward everyday to connect with you awesome people out there.

I know one thing about every single one of you. You are awesome and won’t settle until you have what you deserve to have. Everybody reading my blog is hungry to grow.

Hungry to make themselves a better person. Contribute to the world and making it a better place.

I am doing it everyday. I am leaving my mark on this earth. This mark is filled with one thing. The only strategie I have and can use effectively since it is my DNA. CARE. I CARE. For everybody who is going through a tough time in life. Everybody that has a question. If I do not know the question yet trust me I will not got to sleep until I found out how I can help you.


I care deeply about you. Everything I do is to serve you. Thank you for allowing me to do this. Love you!

Observe your circumstances and they reflect who you currently are


Your world is your mirror. What connections and bonds do you have? What kind of relationships do you have? With who are you spending the most time? How is your success in your career? What is life giving you? How are people treating you?


These are some questions to consider. Add in more if any come up to your mind.


Here is a story from myself:


In the past 3 weeks I have changed dramatically. Switched out habits. Told myself the truth. Faced new truths. I changed completely. Started my own blog. As I changed so did my surroundings. My surroundings were not bad they were pretty awesome before. Now they are getting even better. When you change yourself the whole world around you starts to change also. It starts reflecting who you are.

For 4 years I was imagening everyday that I will help my family and show them how much more they can be and that they are able to live without suffering. Every single day I thought about this for 4 years. This drived me to work hard on myself. This made me hungry. I would regret it if I would be old and my family were not living the life they wanted especially my sisters. Yesterday my little sister came into my room and asked me what book I would recommend her to read and to guide her. I recommended her to read Eckhart Tolle the Power of NOW! A tear came out of my eyes. Imagening this moment for 4 years and now it is finally happening. I will not fail her. I do not do this for me. I do this for all of you because you are fucking important to me even if I do not know you! I only know one strategy I CARE about all of you this is my DNA!






I knew immediatly why this happened


Change yourself and you environment changes. I changed myself drastically over the last month that everything changed and I attracted the people, my dreams and goals towards me and already a lot of them came to reality.

It all starts with you. Look at the questions above and reflect on it. What is the world telling you. The world is your mirror. It reflects your internal structure.

When you change yourself internally everything else externally will come flying to you.

The person you are today is not going to get you what you want to have at point B. You are at point A. If you want to get point B you need to change who you are.

This is what a lot of people call the law of attraction. I believe in the law of attraction but only if you take action also.

The first step is to recognize that it all starts with you. The next step is to identify what needs to be changed to achieve your goals and dreams. To become that person that achieves those goals and dreams. The strategie!




How can I serve you ? Regarding this topic or any other. Let me know. Comment down. Reach out to me on my social media accounts.


I am doing this for you. I am hungry to show people what they truly can achieve. I will not settle until the day I die.


Big Love




Love you all !







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