Good morning to everyone. Although probably a lot of you are already awake and crushing their purpose and passion today.


A new week has started and I am grateful for the opportunities in front of me.

I love what I do everyday. With investing in myself I get to do more and more of it as I continue to give more and more.


Lets stop complaining all together and rather embrace and be grateful that a new week has started. You shouldn’t be complaining that you have to get up and go to work. You should be waking up filled with drive and passion to attack life again.


Yesterday I was at a meeting with 2 friends. We talked about self-development and what areas of life could we improve. One area where I shared my experience was health and weight loss.


That is going to be the topic today. But not in the usual way that I am going to tell you here is a strategie how to lose 10 kg in 10 days. No we are going to really attack the cause of why you are always giving up and beginning to get overweight again.


I’ve applied this lesson unconsciously on myself 1,5 years ago. Now I understand what I changed and why I got my results that I have now. Losing 42 kg was really easy after changing my story.


Strategie is important but it is not the most important


Out there are a ton of strategies. How to lose weight. The 10 week program that promises you a six pack in 10 weeks. The get ripped and swole program that promises you to get all the chicks. Even if you walk down a street in your own hometown there are at least 5 places that could help you lose weight. The strategies are all there.


I have tried so often to lose weight with some kind of shakes. Drinking everday only these shakes. Some kind of diet that I read in a magazine that will promise me perfect results. Even spent money on online programs. They all have worked. I lost weight. But I always gained it back no matter what I did.


It wasn’t lasting change. The strategies I used were short term solutions for a long term problem.


My long term problem was my story


Story is much more important than your strategie. The strategie is also very important but the story is even stronger. I speak from experience. Losing weight and getting fat again. My story I told myself was this: “Now that I am skinny (which I wasn’t) I can now eat whatever the hell I want because my metabolism is so fast that it won’t allow me to gain weight!” This was my story. The truth was I was just lazy. Searching excuses not to follow through with my diet. Throughout the past days I have heard a lot of stories.

I listened to people talking to me about how they were losing weight and eventually gaining weight again. We digged deeper. Wanting to find out why the person was gaining weight again. In the past where the person felt skinny and sexy she still told herself the wrong story: “It’s hopeless whatever I do. I am fat.”


That was the story. It hit that person like a bat. When you tell yourself this story even though you have the perfect strategie to lose weight and to hold your desired weight forever you still gain weight again.


Change your story change your life.jpg


Story is not even the most important. It’s your current mood/state


Most of the people live unconsciously. Habits and pattern take over without the people even knowing about it. Same results coming every time. At the end just questioning themselves why this happens all the time. Get angry than depressed and sad.


You will default into the state you trained yourself to be in most. If you are the most of the time stressed, depressed, angry, sad, bitching you will fall into this state habitually because you have trained yourself to be in that state. It is like a muscle. I train myself everyday and change my state immediatly in the morning and also throughout the day. I change it into a positive and empowering state where I can give more from me and that I become creative, filled with love, filled with strength, filled with truth and power to create the life I want to.


First identify where you are not satisfied in your life and where you live in a bad state. I wrote an article about that here. If you have read it already and did not do the exercise I urge you to do it. Do the exercise without it it is useless.


My morning routine that I use to turn my mood totally around is found here. Read it and take what is most appealing to you.


Strategie is important it can save us a ton of time and effort. But without the right story behind it it will never be long term it will not change who you are. First bring yourself into a perfect state.


Here is a way to do it:

  • Think of one moment of your life where you felt unstoppable. Where you were high on life. Where you had a feeling that the whole world is working for you. Feel that moment as if it is real. Imagine the noise, feel your emotions, breathe like you breathed in that moment. Ask yourself what story what was I telling myself in that moment? That is the story you need to change everything.


Which story are you going to continue to tell yourself ?




If you are struggling or have a question about this. Reach out to my over Facebook, Instagram or over my website.


Do you have any topic that I should cover? Any question where I can help you with my experiences? Shoot it out to me it would not only help you alone but a lot of other people reading my blog.



If you fill yourself with hunger to attain a goal you will!


Big Love





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