Sunday is development day

Good morning,


this week I experienced some new truths which lead me to reorganize everything I was doing to this point.


Through our life we recognize new truths. Consciously or unconsciously.


That truth challenged an old destructive pattern I had. That pattern and belief is now broken through self-awareness and through action.


From this point on I will not be posting any blog post on sunday.


This day will be completely for me in order to develop myself and my craft more. Test out knew things, experience the results of it and than after doing that sharing it with you.


The whole purpose of this sunday is to set a barrier to be able to invest into myself. Only when I invest in myself I can give and share it to others. That is the purpose of it. I am taking a step back even if the journey is still fresh.


I am writing to all of you who follow me or have subscribed to my newsletter. I am not stopping. I discovered a new truth and now I am reorganizing everything and need more time for it.



Big Love






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