Todays blog post will be emotional for me. No holding back.


Since starting this journey of sharing my experience and ideas with you. A lot of people have reached out to me. I was able to give every single one insights. I was able to show them how to break free out of pain that was holding them back for 30 years.


Showing people how to find out what they really want. Showing people how to free themselves of the opinion of others and show them how beautiful they are.


I inspired people to become better leaders. I inspired people again to start improving themselves again.


Showed them how they can immediatly create a change in their lives.


Thank you to every single one of you. THANK YOU!. It means the world to me to be able to make an impact in your life. Thank your for reaching out and allowing me to be your coach.


I will not ever push or reject anyone who wants to change his life, needs help and has a desire to achieve their dream.


This happened to me.


I will never ever reject somebody  who is willing to give up everything they have just to fulfill their purpose, to get to the next step, to get to know what to do next because currently they are alone in their beds and do not have an idea what to do. I know how bad it hurts when people say to you that you are not able to achieve your dream. When people say that you are worthless. You are too fat to be a trainer. You will never be successful. You don’t have any skills to achieve it. You are pretending and not doing. I have heard it so often during my life. Every day in my childhood. You are too young to help people change their life. You have no fucking experience to change peoples life look at you you are too young and unexperienced




Do not fucking listen to these people.




If you know you are born for a specific reason and visualize your life to be a certain way. Go fucking get it. You have enormous power inside of you.


If you have a dream go fucking get it and do not settle until you have achieved it.


I will not settle until I have achieved the life I visualize. Never ever. No one is going to stop me. I know why I am on this earth and what purpose I am here to fulfill.


No one will ever stop me from this journey until I get it. I will die for it. I am ready to die for it. Just like in the movie 300 I am ready to die for what I stand for. I don’t care what comes at me I will stand my ground like the spartans did in the movie until I win or die trying.


When people say to you that you are not able to achieve what you desire. Cut them out immediatly. If you can’t cut them out like I couldn’t with my parents do not believe any word these people are saying.


I don’t care who that could be for you. For me it were my parents. It can be your wife, husband, friends, boss, I do not care. Do not believe in it.



Only you know what you are capable of. I definetly know what I am capable of doing.


I will not only be talking about what I am capable of doing I will achieve it.


Use it to drive you. I had experienced a setback today. This setback made me question everything.


Something like that doesn’t define me. Nobody can define you but yourself. You give yourself a meaning not somebody else.


Fuck the nay-sayers and get what you want out of life. Push yourself. Do not allow excuses. Define for yourself what you will tolerate and what not. What kind of people you want to have next to you.


You are not lacking resources. You are the biggest resource that exists on earth. YOU!




Change your values. Step up in what you believe. Stand your ground.




Only you can make it happen. No one else will make it happen.


People are already telling me that I am not able to achieve my dream. I do not listen. I use it as fuel. It maybe isn’t for everybody but I am 100 % confident that I will attract the people who are really interested in getting out of life what they desire and think they deserve.



Get after your dreams! Get after it so hard that it makes people scared! I am doing that! I am taking massive action to attain what I desire and trust me I will.


Never ever let someone tell you that you are not worthy enough to live your dream!




Listen to yourself you always know what is right for you!!!!!!!



Big Love,






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