This is a question I asked myself since I was able to think. Asking myself what role is designed for me to fulfill in this world.

Every person that we see who is successful and wealthy have all one thing in common: They are living with passion and know their purpose.

With this I mean really people living their passion for example:  Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Tony Robbins, Gary Vaynerchuk there are a lot more.

Since I was a child I was looking up to these people. I wanted to know how they knew what their purpose was. Especially how did they found out.


Here is my story:

I discovered my lifes purpose with 13 years old. I discovered it right there unconciously. Now at 21 years old I now fully understand what happened at that moment and why everything else was making me unhappy.

With 13 years old I was laying in my bed. Crying and filled with pain and anger. A fight broke out again at home and I could not take it any longer. I was filled with so much pain that evening. I told myself full with determination and passion that I will help every person who is experiencing pain so that they do not have to feel the pain I did.

Since that day I always imagined myself standing in front of people, motivating, inspiring and helping people solve their problems, limiting beliefs and help them achieve their dreams.

I forgot about that purpose 2 years later and I just did what everyone else was doing. Going to school, get a job and be safe. With 17 years old I broke out of that pattern rapidly by saying:

“I ain’t doing shit until I find what I love.”

Even though I knew unconciously what I was born for I forgot it. I was living on other people terms and did what others expected from me to do. I lost it completely.

I did one simple thing to rediscover it.

It took me quite a while to recondition my nervous system back to align myself with my purpose.

4 years later I am now standing in front of people, motivating, inspiring and helping them change their lives.
I believe deeply that there is something rooted deep within us that whatever we do and whatever direction we take that our purpose will be always calling for us.

When do you know you know your passion and purpose ?

It is pretty simple. If you can wake up everyday full of drive, passion and can’t wait to start your day you have found your passion. If you are, bitching, complaining, making up excuses and complaining why you have to go to work then you clearly didn’t find your lifes purpose. If you did you would not complain about it.

I can not wait to speak, talk and share the insights that I have with other people. When I first gest started it is hard to stop me. I live and express it with full passion.




Just one question brought me back to my lifes purpose and please do this with yourself:


“Who is the person that I desire to be?”


Don’t ask yourself what job you would like to do. Ask yourself who do I want to be ? Who would I need to be that I would love myself totally?
I asked myself this and immediatly I came back to my purpose.

When you start thinking about this you will feel positive emotions coming up in your body. A desire to become that person. You will feel how awesome it is to be that person.
When you change yourself your surroundings change accordingly and you attract who you are.


Here is my process which I have developed.


3 simple steps:


Step 1:

Ask yourself who do you want to be not what do you want to be ?

Answer that question than move on

Step 2:

What do I need to do to become that person? What beliefs and habits do I need to lose and which new ones do I need to adoped?

Step 3:

It is that simple.
If you have difficulties with this. Reach out immediatly.
I have coached a lot of people and helped them realize within 15 minutes who they really want to be and you could clearly see and feel the energy changing in their bodies and reinventing themselves.

Reach out. Ask a question. Let me help out. Everybody needs someone to help you get to the next level. The best of the best have coaches.

Let me be the coach. You will not be dissappointed.


What is your purpose.jpg




Big Love






Facing a challenge or you have a question? Shoot it over to me at my Facebook homepage or send me an email at and I will help you out with it.


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