Thank you to everyone who is reading my blog posts. Even if you checked me out only once it means the world to me. So many people have reached out to me and told me how much I have inspired them. I have already changed lives and shown people what truly waits inside of their body. What they are really capable of.

Without you there is no me. I do this for all of you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being with me on this journey. I see us all succeeding and coming together as individuals to build a group of likeminded people.

If you are reading this and thinking to yourself I am alone with this feeling.

YOU ARE NOT. Before starting my blog I had a belief that the world is going to judge me but I started to tell me a different story which was that the world needs me.

Now abundance and love is coming towards me.

You are not alone with this feeling. I know exaclty how you feel when you go deep inside your body and feel a certain feeling of uncertainty.


If you got inspired or provoked by my blog posts to challenge the life you are living right now. Other people will also get inspired and challenged to live the life they deserve. Please share my blog posts with other people that need them. With best friends you trust. People who are going through tough times. Please share it wherever you want to. Even just talking with somebody about what helped you is enough. Would you share ? It would mean a lot to me and this what I am writing, talking and living matters so much to me that I want to make an impact in as much lives as I can. Big Love from me already.


Now todays topic will be all about getting out of your own world


What do I mean by getting out of your own world? Everybody of us gets los in his thoughts throughout the day. For example we are sitting in the train, gym, bus or even work and we tend to lose ourselves in our thoughts to that point that we forget what is happening all around us.

Our thoughts are a result of the current state we are in. If you are in an angry state you will express angry and destructive thoughts. If you are happy in your current state you will express happiness.


Our world is so used to being trapped in their heads and in their own world.

I was trapped up for a very long time in my head always fighting with my fights to that point where I started screaming that they would let go because they were so painful.

Only by thinking into the future or thinking about the past we get locked up in our heads.


When we get locked up in our thoughts we are either thinking about our past what has happened to us or about the future what is going to happen.

When thinking about the past you think about things that made you sad, bad experiences and you project it into the NOW into presence and cause pain. The other side is that you are thinking about moments that made you feel awesome and project it into the presence and cause pain by thinking and telling yourself I do not have any of these moments anymore.

Thinking in the future is the same. When we think into the future we imagine that the future will solve our pain. That someday in the future you will reach a point, a destination and all pain will be gone forever. This is totally false. I thought that way for 17 years that kept my hope alive to live a better life. We will never reach a destination that will make us happy. We think this so that we can have peace in the presence but what it really does it keeps you unhappy your whole life because we all had this feeling that when we wanted something so bad that when we got it 1 day later or even 1 second later we wanted already something else. Thinking into the future if you are currently in bad circumstances is even more dangerous. You are creating an illusion of how bad your life can turn out.


Everyone of us can relate to it. I did it for years. Getting lost in my future and past thinking there was going to be my salvation or the cause for my pain.






This sentence helped me understand my true beauty.


You are not your life circumstances. YOU ARE LIFE!

Your life situation exists in time. You are NOW.

Your life situation is mind-stuff. Your life is real.


When we are living and experiencing the present moment. There is no pain. We only see beauty. Your life circumstances do not define who you are. I made this mistake and a lot of people when I ask them: Who do you think you are? they do not describe who they are but what circumstances they have. You are something much much stronger and more beautiful than your circumstances. Your circumstances are just a reflection of your current life. Deep within everyone of us can feel the beauty of life that we can bring towards the world. Do not let yourself identify with your circumstances. I did it for years. I was overweight, experiencing a bad childhood, having relationships where I got hurt, had bad habits and patterns, no success in my career did not even have one but I felt deep inside my heart and my body that I am meant to be something much much greater than what I am now. I deserve to have the life I really want instead of this now. I stopped identifying myself with my circumstances instead I created the circumstances I want. Now I have them





Here is how you get present and how I do it throughout the day.


  • Make it a habit of asking yourself: What am I feeling and experiencing in my body right now?


This means not going into your head and judging it. It means what feelings are you currently experiencing in your body. Just watch it and do not judge it. Like a bird from the sky you are watching yourself and seeing what is going on.


  • After becoming aware of it and recognizing that you do not like the emotion change it.


Become aware of the present moment. For example I search for something that I am grateful for and this is very little to me. When it rains I am grateful for the rain hitting my body and make me feel alive or I look at the tree and am grateful for the beauty of nature.



  • Another way to become present is just by watching and recognizing your breath how it is coming into your body and out of your body. Feel how the breath comes in and goes out. You immediatly stop thinking.


Breathing is the most powerful tool we have. People have climbed up the Mount Everest or the Kilimanjaro in just shorts by using their breaths to store oxygen in their body. People have used their breaths to battle disease by storing oxygen and releasing adrenalin consciously. This is all being now scientific proven.


Your heart is beating and you are breathing without even having to think about it! Just take a second and be grateful for that because there are people that are not able to breath on their own and we take this for granted it is a gift of life given to us for a reason.


  • Another way to get present is to feel your body


I do it this way. Put your hand on your heart and feel your heart. Breathe deep into your heart. Feel how much strength it has and what it has guided you to do in this life. You did not have to fight for it or earned it from the first moment you could breathe and it started beating it was handed out to you.


When do you know you are present ? When you say you are present or in the zone… You are not!

When I am coaching and leading classes at my crossfit box I am totally present for hours. When I go home I often recognized damn I wasn’t thinking for 4 hours. Everybody who has been coached by me knows how much fun and how happy I am during coaching. I am totally present without even having to think about it.

This means that I am doing what I love. Only if you are doing what you are love you can become present. If you are drifting away with your thoughts while working or watching the clock to check when the next break is. This are clearly signs that you are not present. When you are present you lose the illusion of time. Time is not real it was made up for us human to organize ourselves better it is not even real! When I coach or write my blog I do not think I just do it. When I finish it I am like oh shit how much time did go by.


I highly encourage you to read this book: The power of NOW from Eckhart Tolle. His life mission is to bring presence into peoples life like it did to me and a lot of other people. You can get his book in dozens of diffrent languages.

Getting into your body and feeling your inner strength will change you forever.


You are not your circumstances. They do not define you. Failing is completely ok. Experiencing a bad relationship is totally ok. It is not who you are. Feel your heart and it will tell you immediatly who you are. What strength it has. When feeling your heart it will tell you that you are much greater than your circumstances.




Big Love





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