Good morning dream chasers,


hope you are all waking up like I am with full passion and drive to accomplish your dreams.


No today it ain’t about how to get rich.


But it is all about how to get rich or die trying. This is metaphor.


This blog post will connect to the blog post from yesterday. The post yesterday was all about how to tell yourself the truth and asses which areas of life are the way you want them to be and which areas of life are not.


After doing the exercise yesterday you are going to realize the areas of life where you are not happy. With this you will recognize a need for change because if your life stays like this forever you will die with regret. With that need to be fulfilled it takes courage to step up and say that you deserve to have the life you want in that area.

If you did not read the post Start telling yourself the truth and did not do the exercise I highly recommend reading it and doing the exercise because today will be the next step.

Gaining knowledge and potential power is nothing worth if we do not take action. Only when taking action we can transform our lives.


Now I will share with you a story first and than my personal story how I got rich or died trying.


For me get rich or die trying means that I cut everything off that is not supporting me to achieve my dreams.


Another metaphor I have is: Burn your boats.


A little story “Burn the boats”:


There is a real story behind this metaphor burn your boats. 1519 Hernán Cortés and 600 of his men embarked to mexico to take over the land. Everyone who has ever tried before to conquer the land of mexico failed. Mexico was always the winner. He and his men went over with no real armour. Instead of marching through cities and ordering his men to intimidate the people he stayed at the beach. He held speeches. Speeches so powerful to provoke the inner warrior spirit of each men. To provoke the spirit of adventure and to rise up the spirit of earning wealth. At the end only 3 words that he said changed the world. BURN THE BOATS.

They burned their boats. Hernán and his 600 men burned down the option to escape if it doesn’t go well. They had only two choises conquer or die.

Hernán and his men became the first to conquer mexico. There are also other examples where great leaders like alexander the great burned their boats.


Get rich or die trying, Burn your boats


Courage! By burning your boats you develop the skill of courage. Courage means doing the thing you desire most, the thing that your heart is pulling you towards even if you are afraid.

A lot of people say they are courageous. If you do something that was easy and did not provoke an emotion of fear, an emotion of being afraid then you did not display courage.

I live by this metaphor. I cut every thing out of my life that doesn’t support my heart.

I did it 4 years ago. Sitting in school my gut telled me you are not right here. Next day quit my school. Did a job I did not like. Quit my job the next day. At that time I was overweight no real future in sight. No secure future what most people would call it. That I would go to study or get a job and work off my ass my whole life to be unfulfilled. At that time I was only committed to mastering and conquering my own self. My emotion, my mental strength and my body. My parents were threatening me with we are going to kick you out of the house if you do not listen, we are not going to support you anymore. Please understand they did this out of fear. Fear of seeing me fail because they went through a tough life themselves. Even knowing that I will no longer be supported and with the risk of being kicked out of the house I made that decision that I will keep going until I reached my goal. No matter what may come. I burned my fucking boats and I went all in. 4 years later I am having now the people around me that I want. I am now helping, inspiring and teaching people how to do it. My parents support me now more then ever before. I have a better relationship with my family. In the past I never had one. For 20 years I was always locked up in my room on my own.

I displayed courage. I was very fearful. Crying almost every night not knowing what will happen but knowing only one thing that my heart is always going to lead me to the right path. That I deserve what I desire.


When you burn your boats you tend to succeed than fail. This is real courage.




First if you have a feeling deep inside your body or a dream. My dream is that I will stand in front of 10000 people in an arena and change their lives. If you have something deep inside you a vision or a dream go for it.


You do not need to know every step before actually going on that journey. When you burn your boats you will be forced to become that person so that you can achieve your dream.


If you are still fearful and imagening all the bad stuff that could happen. Stop you are creating yourself an illusion. Fear is not real it is an illusion.


Imagine not chasing your dream what will life be for you? How will it look like? What feelings will you have when you are 90 years old? Regret?

If you can accept and live with the downside that is totally fine.

But if you can’t live with the downside attack life and get out of it what you want.


Here is again the public service announcement please go read the article Start telling yourself the truth do the exercise prescribed. Feel what your heart is telling you and than take action!


My desire for you reading this is that when you will be 90 years old that you will have no regret. I am certain that I will not have any regrets.


You will always regret the things that you did not do not the things you did to. Trust me I experienced it.



Get what you deserve out of life ! The world is working for you not against you. Let the world help you.


Conquer your own island




Big Love





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