Morning guys and gals. It is Thomas here.


Today I am going to share with you how I asses where I am in my life. We tend to get lost pretty quick in tasks and duties throughout the day, the week, months and also years.

We start to forget where we want to go. This happened to me pretty often. In training for example. I go to my crossfit box. Ready to workout and get lost in speaking with people that I have to first remind myself of why I was here and what the plan was. Another example would be 5 years ago I would say with motivation now I am going to lose weight. I start out pretty good but then the first obstacles come up, excuses tend to creep in and I get lost in handling other stuff and lose the goal of losing weight.


It happens to everyone of us. 


After being sick of this pattern happening over and over again. Starting something getting lost and then start from scratch. This can get pretty frustrating and people tend to quit and give up. When than happens we manifest with our thoughts and emotions a certain belief that is going to hold us back.


I did it in the past. Start losing weight. After 1 month recognize that I did not do shit for losing weight because I got lost in school and work. Starting over again this time I started to do something but eventually stopped. I did that cycle 13-18 years old. 5 YEARS. In that period of time I told myself:


I think  I was born to be overweight there is a reason for that. The universe wants me to be fat.


Fucking bullshit. I was just lazy. Having no skill in discipline and decisiveness. Starting and quitting.


The pattern of that cycle became so clear. Start losing weight with pure enthusiasm. On the way I find excuses why it is to hard or why life is putting stones in my way and then stop eventually. Get depressed and the belief got more adopted that I was born to be fat. Then it starts again with enthusiasm and ends with depression.


I got sick of that pattern and knew I had to change myself.


You can only change yourself when you become a master of your emotions.


Start telling yourself the truth.jpg


The problem here is you do not learn in school, at your job or at home to be a master of your emotions. This is where I come into the mix. Everything I was doing since that day was asking myself the question: What makes a difference in peoples life? People going from overweight to ripped. Relationships going from almost broken to having the most beautiful relationship you can ever imagine. People going from being broke to being financial Independent.


I personally do not believe in positive thinking. I thought positive from 13-18 that I will lose weight but I didn’t. Everyday I thought positive.


I believe in seeing your situations as it is. Positive thinking works if you put truth and action into it. This is the only way. We all know that but tend to ignore it.

Telling yourself the truth is pretty damn hard. When people say to me: I am scared, that is to dangerous or I am skeptical. Bullshit you are gutless. I was too! You are missing courage. I missed it too. It takes no courage to feel skeptical or scared that is easy.


See your problem as it is. Don’t make it worse and don’t make it better than it is. Don’t tell yourself you are strong boned. No you are fat tell yourself the truth.


Here is a exercise for you.


Here is a list of areas of life where I tell myself the truth every 3 months and assess from there.

  • Habits & daily Routine
  • Career and work
  • Money and finances
  • Health and fitness
  • Mental development and education
  • Social life and realtionships
  • Home and family
  • Emotions
  • Character and integrity
  • Life purpose and contribution
  • Spirtual development


I want you to rate every area with 1-10 with 1 being not satisfied with that area of your life and with a 10 that you are perfectly satisfied.

I for example have a 10 at mental development and at emotions. This doesn’t mean that I have arrived at a destination and stop improving. This means that I experience that everthing is moving in the right direction in that area of life. I invested the last 4 years every minute to mastering my emotions and improve my mental game to the point that is so strong and stable that it will never be broken again. I lack therefore in other areas.


Please stop here reading, take out a paper, write it down and tell yourself the truth.

If you keep on reading you lose the point.




Now that you have filled in the numbers. I want you to let all the 9’s and 10’s where they are. Everything less than a 9 erase it and write a 1 next to that area.


If it isn’t a 9 or a 10 than that area of life is not the way you want it to be.


Honesty. No bullshitting here.


Now that you have told yourself the truth you will probably feel an “aha” moment. Facing the truth. Good job that is the first step.


Now I want to see it better as it is. I want you to see the opportunity waiting for you.


If you do not see it better you will get lost in feeling sad for yourself. See what gift is waiting for you when your life is the way you want it to be in that area of life.


The last step is make it as it is! Take massive action!


This point is so important to me and I drill it into everybody I coach. I do that because I know the other side of not taking action. I read all the books and had all the strategies and did not execute. You can be a crazy freaking wizard knowing everything and not executing. If you do not execute you have potential power inside of you.


I execute immediatly when I recognize an area where I want to change. Every day I do something. Get to learn a new skill and apply it. I invest in my mind with knowledge and apply that knowledge even if I fucking fail. I just go for it. The most of us do not do things because they scare failure more than the desire to win.


But that is a different topic. Stopping that rant there.


If you have read until now and did not do the exercise stop reading scroll up and do it!

It is not about knowing how to achieve those goals in that area of your life. First thing is telling yourself the truth. With that your mind changes its focus and you will see immediatly new opportunities you did not see before.


From here you need to make plan of action. Telling yourself the truth, facing it and not making a plan is useless. You will probably comeback in months or years and read this article. Don’t be that person. I will not be it. I will be a whole different person because I applied it. We know you do not want to be that person.


I wrote an article on how to set goals. This is what I do immediatly after telling myself the truth. It works. I lost 42 kg in 7 months and changed my life completely from being depressed and obsessed with food to living the life I want.

If you do not know how to apply it and develop a strategie. Write me a message over at my Facebook homepage and we will find out a strategie that will help you.

This step takes courage of you reaching out to me and admitting it. I did it too in the past and people have already reached out to me and they all have felt success or felt a breakthrough immediatly. It is a sign of strength to ask for help.

I do not think you want to be next year at the same stage as you are now…



If you are reading this I know one thing about you.

You want to live the life you deserve and I will tell you a secret: You are able to live it.


If I went from being identified with being overweight, doing jobs I hate, experiencing a violent childhood and having the feeling that the world does not want to have me to doing the job that I love, sharing and living my passion together with other people who want to get more of life, inspiring others to take action to create the life they really want to live than YOU can do it too!

Find that inner strength that feeling inside of your body that tells you that you are designed to be something special.


Big Love





Facing a challenge or you have a question? Shoot it to me over at my Facebook homepage and I will help you out with it.








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