About 4 years ago I read my first book. It was from George Leonard “Mastery”. At that time I started following successful people and they had all one thing in common: They were reading books. So I immediatly bought myself at least 20 books. Just picking random books that the people I was learning from were reading so I had to read them to.


I am thankful that I read “Mastery” from George Leonard. It is supporting me still today and remembers me when I tend to get lost. It helped me commit to mastery in my purpose and never end growing. I advise it to everyone to read that book and if you haven’t been reading books. Start now. When  I read a book I try to get into the persons brain by reading it. Sharing their knowledge, wisdom and taking some nuggets with me and applying it to my life.


I want to share today with you what I have learned from it and how I applied it to my life.


Which one of them are you ?


The Dabbler:

I identified with this one big time. Especially when it came to losing weight. The dabbler approaches every new opportunity with huge enthusiasm. This may be a new sport, career or relationship. He gets a high when he experiences the first success at a new opportunity. He can’t stop talking about it. He is constantly talking about it. He loves the honeymoon stage of every new journey. Until he reaches his first plateau. At that point he starts coming up with excuses. This is not the right thing for me. It’s too competitive, aggressive, boring, dangerous, whatever. He jumps from one thing to another. In his job. In his relationships. He loves honeymoons but doesn’t want to experience a Plateau.

The Obsessive:

He/she is somebody who won’t settle for anything less then the number one spot on the podium. He comes earlier and leaves last. Asking the teacher what books and tapes to listen in order to become better faster. He starts by making very huge improvements in the beginning. When reaching periods of development (plateau) he/she can’t understand the necessity of that stage. He keeps pushing just to hold his selling numbers up. He keeps pushing in his relationship to stay at a high all the time. It becomes a rollercoaster ride. It is often followed by a steep decline after running out of optios to keep it going.

The Hacker:

He/she is completely different. After getting to understand a thing, he or she is willing to stay on that plateau forever. He/she is the one who doesn’t go to professional meetings, the athlete who knows he is strong enough so he doesn’t have to learn proper technique. At work he/she is the one that does only what is asked. Leaves on time. Takes every break. Talks instead of doing his job and wonders why he/she doesn’t get promoted. In relationships he/she is ready to settle for monogamy, an arrangement in which partners have clearly defined and unchanging roles.


Here are the curves associated with each type.


Good Horse, Bad Horse.png


You can identify yourself with more than one of these types. You can be a dabbler in relationships and a hacker at work. You can be an obsessive at sports and a hacker in relationships.


Take your time and ask yourself in which area of life am I one of these 3 types.


These 3 types make very clear that we are not on a path to mastery. This means that we are not committed to never stop learning. Always strive to become better in the areas of life and eventually “master” them.


If you find yourself like I did not on a path to mastery I encourage you deeply to discover your lifes purpose and decide to the journey of mastering your passion.

Growth = Happiness. Contribution = Gives life a meaning.


Here the mastery curve.



Why Good Horse, Bad Horse ?


The good horse is the most talented one in running a race. He will go right, left, jump speed up, slow down at drivers will, before it sees the shadow of the whip. The second best horse will run as well as the first one just before the whip reaches its skin, the third one will run when it feels pain on its body, the fourth (bad horse) will run when the pain penetrates down deep into the bones.

When we read this we always want to be the best horse. If it is not able to be the best horse we want to be the second one. This is a huge mistake. When you learn very easily you take it for granted and you are not willing to work hard most of the time.

The good horse may be the worst horse. The worst horse could be the best horse if he perseveres. It will have learned whatever skill it is practicing all the way down to the marrow of its bone.


Always see yourself as the bad horse. Always practicing and mastering your craft. Always putting in the hours. Learning it so deeply that it hasn’t have to think about it anymore and just acts out of intuition.


As soon as you become the good horse you want to become comfortable and feel like you have reached the finish line. I did that in the past. I thought I reached my goal and claimed the mountain by gettin the job I love. It felt awesome for a while getting. But I stopped learning and studying. But after 1 month it started catching up with me and I started to get unhappy not understanding why I got sad. I got sad because I stopped the journey to mastery. I got comfortable.


Especially if you are in your 20’s like I am. Master your craft. I am putting in all the time I have in mastering my craft.


My will to master this comes from my childhood. Growing up with an alkohol addicted father we experienced a lot of pain in the past and I told myself with 13 years old laying in my bed crying that I will help every single person who comes by my way so that they do not experience the pain that I did. Putting my head down and spending every second masteing my craft. Standing up reading books, helping people, priming myself for success and going to bed listening to Alan Watts.


You should too!


The world needs more of us!




Big Love











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