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hope you are all on your path to achieving your dreams and creating the life you want to.


Thank you for checking out this article and investing your time. I don’t take your time for granted so it will be always my purpose to give you something that is helpful and can support you.


After publishing my article What am I up to? A lot of people contacted me and reached out to share that it helped them realize that they were not investing time in themselves in the morning first.


First. Thank you for sharing with me your old morning routines and the changes you will be making to start the day better. I am curious about every single one of you how the changes in the morning will impact your whole day and life.


Now to start off I want share with you my old morning routine:

Hit the snooze button, lay in bed for 10 more minutes (sometimes even more), brush my teeth, wash my face, get everything ready for the day (meals and clothes) and get out of the house.

Take a moment and just imagine with pictures how this did go.

Things that pop up in my head are:

  • lazy to get out of bed
  • does only the necessities
  • rushes everything
  • does not set himself up for success throughout the day
  • takes no time for himself


After changing my morning routine now for 3 weeks it has had huge impact!

  • on how I feel throughout the day
  • how I perform throughout the day
  • how my mood/state is throughout the day
  • the conversations I have throughout the day (which are more powerful)
  • carry out actions is much easier
  • less negative thinking


As you can read it has a huge impact on my life and also on everybody around me.

Morning routine.png


My morning routine:

  • Hit the alarm clock button and immediatly get out of bed (no matter how I feel)
  • take a hot/warm shower followed by a cold shower
  • meditate
  • charge up by using a bio-energetic breathing exercise
  • take 3 things I am grateful for, 3 things I see done for the day, 3 goals 6-12 months from. I see and feel them as attained
  • put on music I love to hear, (mostly Avicii – Levels) move and express myself


This takes about 20-40 mins a day depending on how I feel.


I am going to break it down for you.

  • When the alarm rings hit it and jump out immediatly out of bed. Doing this your mind has no time to interrupt you with feeling sorry for yourself and that you earned the right to sleep longer. It is the same thing with seeing a women or man you like you got about a 5 second window to say hello after the 5 sec your mind comes up with excuses why you should not.


  • Taking a hot/cold shower helps me train my will muscle. I do not want to do that. It makes me feel uncomfortable every time. Doing it anyway enables me to grow my will muscle. Knowing that I am able to do that even if I feel uncomfortable my will muscle gets stronger and allows me to do anything throughout the day that makes me feel uncomfortable even if my mind is telling me not to do it.


  • Meditation is a powerful tool. It has helped me in a ton of ways. Especially people who train and go hard in the gym all day or people who work a lot throughout the day can benefit really strong from it. I use the app Headspace. I recommend it to everyone starting out. Tt helps you step by step understand the meaning of meditation. The goal for me is to not stop my thoughts but to get trained and build the muscle of presence. Letting the thoughts pass me by without judging them just observing. This helps especially when you start  to make excuses. It pops up you let it pass and you do it anyway!


  • The bio-energetic exercise I do was shown to me by Elliott Hulse at a seminar. It is supposed to charge your physical body up with energy that can be later expressed. I focus here on breathing out really hard throughout my nose and not thinking about sucking air in. This happens on its own. I pump my hands and my whole body feeling my feet in contact with the floor. Grounded deeply into my roots. I do this for 5 minutes.


  • 3 things I am grateful for, 3 things I want to accomplish and 3 things I see 6-12 months from now accomplished. This was a game changer for me. I introduced it to the people I am coaching and they also felt an huge impact in their lives. When you take things you are grateful for. See, feel and be in that moment fear has no place in that moment. You are fearless. You change expectation for appreciation. After that I pick 3 things that are a must for me to accomplish on that day. I see and breath like it has already been done. At the end I take 2-3 goals 6-12 months from now and see, feel and breath like they  are already accomplished. This allows me to use my emotions to become and embody the person I need to be to   achieve those goals.


  • Celebrating myself. We tend to get lost in tasks and duties everyday that we forget to celebrate ourselves. I put on music and just do what I feel like to do. I get silly like a child. I express my feelings and the person I am.


But thomas I do not have that much time every day. I hear this often. The first I ask is: Is it possible for you to make up more time for it? If the answer is no I have also an alternative morning routine because there are also days in my life where I do not have 20-40 min to do it.


My alternative morning routine:

  • jump out of bed and wash my face with cold water
  • meditate for 6-10 minutes
  • 2 minutes of things I am grateful for, 2 minutes of things that are a must for me to do and 2 minutes of reviewing 2-3 goals 6-12 months from now and seeing them accomplished

This takes 10-18 minutes depending on how much I meditate.


Everyone of us has 10 minutes in the morning for himself/herself and if you don’t you should make time for it!


This is called priming. Prime yourself right for the whole day to be in peak state and get out of the day what you want instead of just going throught the motion of the day.




I hope with giving you a look into my morning routine that I could help you make yours better.


How does your current morning routine look like ?

How can you improve it that it sets you up for success ?


Feel free to share it in the comment section down below or contact me over my social media. (Facebook, Twitter or Instagram)


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