2017 is around the corner. As always everybody makes resolutions for the new year.

Most of them happen on the last days before the new year emerges.

Make up more time for setting yourself up for success.


If it takes you 5 minutes to create goals they are not really goals you desire.


Today’s topic will be all about how to set compelling goals.


I am going to start this by sharing a story with you.


2,5 years ago when I discovered CrossFit I decided to become a CrossFit coach, help people get into the best shape of their lives and teach them how to get comfortable with the uncomfortable.

At that time I set that goal unconsciously. I did not write it down. I did not put an exact date on it. Just said I will become a CrossFit coach in the months coming up. I did not state clearly where I will be a coach.

I just knew after experiencing the changes happening with me physically and mentally that I desire to be a coach and had so much faith of archieving that goal.

I became obsessed with that topic. Read every article that I could get into my hands. Watched every video I could find. After doing my workouts in the globo gym I stayed there and practiced drills for olympic weightlifting for hours and hours at a time. I remember waking up the next day my collar bones totally covered up with bruises because of the 100 muscle cleans I did to get the pattern into my body.

My lifestyle suddenly changed to supporting that goal. My circumstances started to change and to reflect that I was becoming it. I did not recognize it at that point.


About 9 months later I became a full time CrossFit coach.


When everybody were asking me: how are you so certain that you will become a coach ?

My answer was: “I just know that I will be it!”

That is what I always told. Pretty quickly answers came like: That is risky what you are doing, only a couple of people are able to do that full time and so on…..

I heard that a ton. Nevertheless I felt that I will become it.


After reaching that goal.


I began to ask myself how did I achieve that goal which everybody stated as impossible.


I started to look back and take apart every single step I went through.

I wanted to know what strategie did I use to achieve my goal.

I believe deeply in strategies. With the right strategie you can accelerate your success much faster than without one.

Looking back I recognized one huge mistake I have made.

My failure on setting the goal of becoming a CrossFit coach was that I did not use the power of clarity to accomplish it even faster.

I did not set the goal with pure clarity. I did not name where I will be a coach. I did not write down how long it will take me and the exact time I am giving myself.

Here I was looking into an “aha” moment.


When we are clear about something we want to achieve we direct our focus and actions towards that goal.


Now I will share with you how to set goals that are compelling.


It is a three step process:

  1. Write down the result or outcome you desire to achieve, let it be currently out of your reach and be as precise and accurate as possible.
  • When I decided that I will lose 42 kg in the upcoming 7 months I had no idea on how I was going to do that. Even when I set myself the goal of accomplishing one ring muscle-up I had no idea how to do it. This is very important. It forces you to grow and become the person that is able to accomplish that goals. You start to search for the right strategies and you will find them!


  • Everyone of us has made this experience. You want to buy yourself for example a new car and everything you start to see on the street is that car. This is the reticular activation system which helps you sort out the things that are not important to you and direct your focus on the thing you want. That is the reason why you need to be precise with your outcome.


How to set goals.jpg


2. WHY do you want to achieve them ? 

You need to make the goal pull you towards it instead of you pushing to attain it. When you push yourself to achieve a goal your will power will run out sooner or later. It needs to be compelling to so that you do not have to think about using will power.

My why for losing weight was: I want to lose 42 kg because I will be a stronger version of myself. I will be able to feel confident again in my body. Walking, expressing, breathing and talking in a more self confident way. Being healthy again and not dealing with sickness and illness. I can put on any t-shirt I want without checking if I look fat in it or not. Create a vision so clear and compelling that it pulls you to become the person to accomplish those goals like I did it with losing weight. Get your emotions involved in it. They can move mountains!

3. Take massive action now! 

Now you have set yourself up for success in the first two steps. This last step determines whether you reach your goal or not. Once you have decided and committed yourself you need to start building momentum.

Imagine like you are starting to let a snowball roll down a mountain full of snow. Building up momentum. Success after success. The snowball gets bigger and bigger. You are continuously in an upward spiral. This will keep you going and will let you enjoy the journey along the way.

To gain, build and hold momentum is not easy but trust me losing momentum and starting again is much harder!




Thank you for allowing me to share my experience with you.


What goals have you set for yourself that you desire to achieve in the future?

I would love to hear them.

Leave a comment down below or send me a private message over my social media if you like to share it. (Facebook, Instagram or Twitter you choose)




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Big Love



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