In today’s blog post I am going to share what I will be up to in the next 6-12 months.

What goals did set myself ?

What habits I am going to incorporate and what I will let go ?

Where will I set my boundaries and where I will say yes to myself ?


Beginning with my nutrition:

I lost 42 kg from last year to this year by counting my macros and eating everything if it fits my macros. I had huge success with this method but I came to realization that this was not lasting change.


My main problem was that I did not know how to eat healthy. Growing up in a family from Bosnien and Herzegovina we eat everything with bread. Rice with bread. Spaghetti with bread. Bread with bread. I ate hardly vegetables, nuts and seeds. But a ton of bad fat and a ton of carbs. It was just the way of eating there.

I reached out, searched and found a way of incorporating eating healthy and still counting my macros. I have designed a plan of execution which will assure me long term success. Today is actually day one where I am going to execute on the plan.


Over the course of the following days and weeks I am going to share with you:

  • How does it work and what is the purpose behind it?
  • How can you apply it without feeling overwhelmed or stressed out
  • What experiences and results did I get from applying it in terms of performance and body composition ?
  • What strategie am I going to use that it is long-term lasting change





I had back pain now for the last 2 months. Limiting me doing exercises where the squat and hinge are required.

This is where my focus will be.

I will be focusing on corrective exercises that will bring my body into a balance and allow me to be healthy and vital again.

Just doing 1,5 hours of working out. Focusing on quality instead of quantitiy. No 3-4 workouts a day split up into 2 sessions because that brought me into this position with back pain in the first place.

Enjoying training with others. Benefiting of the atmosphere I get into. Express myself and have fun. This will be my template as long as it feels right to me. I will be also experimenting a lot with ideas. Hold on to the ideas that work and let go of the ideas that do not work.

I am going to share:

  • What kind of problem I have with my back ?
  • What caused it ?
  • What exercises and correcitve stretches I will be doing ? What worked ?
  • How to hold the strength I have and even get stronger, fitter and better while injured
  • Writing out exactly what I am doing in training and the intent of it


Soon there will be an own page + blog for Fitness & Nutrition online here on the site.


Here I will be sharing everything I am doing along the path to create the life I want in this area.


Morning Routine:


“If you do not have 10 minutes for yourself in the morning you do not have a life” Tony Robbins


This statement is true. It is the best time of the day to prime ourselves for the adventure and opportunities ahead of us.

I changed it completly.

Before 3 weeks it looked like this: Get up, check social media, brush my teeth, wash my face, eat and prepare my meals and drive to the CrossFit Box or school.

Social media took the most attention. Scrolling through it with the excuse that it gets me ready and awake for the day. BULLSHIT!


My new morning routine:


Get up, brush my teeth, wash my face, meditate, charge up with a chaotic controlled breathing pattern, do the bow (yoga exercise), and than open mouth breathing (Meditation) this takes me about 20-40 minutes depending on how I feel.

After that I am feeling grounded and centered into the roots of my body. Then I write my blog post from the deepest point of my gut and heart to you. This takes me 1,5 hours total and on top of that I prepare my meals, eat and appreciate every moment experiencing along the way.

This is my base for the whole day. This sets me up for success. I prime myself here.

This is the why portion of the day. Not thinking but reviewing, seeing the vision and embodying it and carrying it out to the world.



Learning, studying and applying:


Here I will be learning, studying and investing time to master my craft. My mission is to master myself in as many areas of life so that I can pass my experience onto people experiencing similar situations.

I do this through reading books, listening to audiotapes, watching videos and visiting workshops and seminars that are helpful.

I will be sharing:

  • What books I am reading or audiotapes I am listening
  • Why did I read the book. The purpose behind it
  • What did I learn and how I am going to apply it
  • If I did participate in seminars/workshops: what did I get out of it?



My Website and blog:


I am committed to sharing every day a new blog post which I write immediatly after my morning routine.

That is a compelling goal for me. I am not going to miss a day. The why behind it is that I want to share as much as I possibly can with you and along this journey of us interacting to inspire someone.


Let me know down below in the comment section which one of the topics would be most helpful and most interesting for you so that I can cover them first.

Your input is deeply appreciated and welcomed. It will be my oxygen for the future.

Let me know how your morning routine looks like. Would love to hear what is working for you so that I can try it out and reap also the benefits of it.



If you do not want to miss out on any blog post the easiest way is to subscribe to my daily e-mail newsletter on my homepage. The blog post will be directly sent into your inbox. 




Big Love.



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