You want to be the best. You do not want that everybody else is better than you. You are always searching and analyzing what the others a doing so that you do not miss on something.

Always interested what the hell the other guys or gals are doing to understand why they are where they are. The magic pill if you will.

I did that all the time. When I came into the sport of CrossFit that was what I was doing all the time. Watching videos of Rich Froning (for you it can be another sport this is my experience) watching every top male competitors videos and searching for the way to archieve the fitness they have. The magic pill. The right strategie to get there.

In CrossFit there are right now a ton of competitive programs with different philosophies, approaches and set beliefs. I had a problem picking and following one. Since in the back of my head there was always that voice of there has to be a better way.

That burnt me out. That strive for perfection. That strive of always asking myself is this really the best strategie.

Thinking I was holding high standards of myself but I did not.

I was striving for perfection and perfection is not a high standard to be measured about because it does not exist.

It took me 2 years of traning and experience to come to this conclusion.

It was through the teaching of Tony Robbins that hit me like a baseball bat into the face.

Tony said: Focus on what you can control, instead of focusing on what you can’t control.

This is a sentence that is heard quite often especially in the sport of crossfit. One event at a time. Focus on what you can do and do not watch what others are doing.

I did not understand it immediatly. It took me some time to experience the meaning of it.

The first time consciously experiencing that state of not focusing on external things but what I can do was during a workout. I was working out with better people than me. I always tried to keep up and burned myself out. But that time it was different. My body told me do not chase them do what you can do and try to beat yourself.

That was the first workout after a long time I really enjoyed doing again.

I started to apply it to all areas of my life.

For example: 

Missing a bus because the bus was way to early at the station than he should have been.

You can react either: That fucking bus should have waited he screwed up my day now I am coming late to work/meeting or whatever. Now my day is only going to get worse. OR you can react: yes the bus came earlier than he should have. That was the reason I missed it. The next one is going to come in 10 min. This is actually not bad I can enjoy the sun shining onto me a little bit more.

You can give it the meaning that it was responsible that your day was screwed by it or you can give it the meaning that it gave you the opportunity to be for yourself and enjoy the beauty of the world for 10 minutes more.

Either consciously or unconsciously we are making at every moment of our life 3 decisions:

  • What am I focusing on ?
  • What meaning do I give it ?
  • How do I act accordingly ?


Tony Robbins says it all the time:

„Where your focus goes your energy flows“


Apply it immediatly. I do it every day in every second of my life. I choose to not react but to create the focus I want to have.


You can do it, too!


I would invite you to:

  • write yourself down the 3 decisions above listed.
  • Think about them in silence.
  • Ask yourself in which situations of my life were I reacting instead of creating the focus I want to.
  • Pick an event that happenned to you and made you feel sad, angry, depressed or pissed of.
  • What were you focusing on ? Given the focus what meaning did you give it and how did you act ?

Then take your time to digest it and do this:

  • On what could I have focused instead ?
  • What meaning and emotions would come from that focus and how would I have acted?

This has changed my life. Give yourself an honest review and allow it to also change the view you see everything




Big Love



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